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Cover letter - English

Cover letter

Bence Lukacs was born on the 18th of April, in Budapest, Hungary. He came to Vienna, Austria at the age of 5 and started his school career in Austria. After six months in kindergarten, he attended primary school at PSV St.Marien. Upon completion, he attended the lower and upper level of the BRG Rosasgasse. Mr Lukacs successfully graduated in 2006.

As a Hungarian citizen, Mr Lukacs didn’t have to attend military service, therefore he enrolled at the University of Vienna to study Nutritional Sciences. Unfortunately he couldn’t enroll in the program he planned to, Sport Sciences, because of an injury. Nutritional Sciences turned out to be somewhat dry and not as much connected to practice as hoped.

Since his childhood, he was into all kinds of sports - especially American Sports caught his attention. In 2003 he started his playing career for the Danube Dragons. After five years of playing, Mr Lukacs hung up his cleats and started to pursue a career in coaching.  Thanks to this opportunity, he could attend various Trainer courses at the BSPA Wien and could therefore follow his initial dream after all. He obtained various Trainer and Coaching Certificates during the following years.

He continued his coaching career, first in Sweden at the Göteborg Marvels and later returned to Austria, to coach the Ladies Team of the Vienna Vikings. Additionally, in 2010, he got the opportunity to coach the Austrian Womens American Football National Team, where the team participated in the first ever Tackle-World-Championship. After the tournament, he was promoted to Defense Coordinator in preparation for the upcoming Tournaments.

Over the years, he worked at various Summercamps, like the HiJump Ferienwochen and the SOWISO project from Zeit!Raum. He also continued to work as a sports coach for ASKÖ Wien.

Since working with people has always been a dream job for him, he decided in 2010, to enroll at the University of Teacher Education to pursue vocational training in this area. Mr. Lukacs attended teacher training for secondary school teachers of English and History & Social Studies and graduated in June 2014 with a degree as a Bachelor of Education.

In the winter term 2011, he became on official member of the research project "Die Rolle des kompetenzorientierten Lernens im Kontext der ePortfolioarbeit am Beispiel der Schulpraktischen Studien an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Wien". In 2013 Mr Lukacs handed in his thesis as a part of this project, entitled "Incorporating e-Portfolios in practical studies at the Vienna University of Teacher Education. Possible concepts for a change of paradigm."

He spent the academic year 2012/2013 at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. There he took part in some courses of Teacher Education programs, Pedagogy courses for International Students and English language courses. Furthermore, Mr. Lukacs gained working-experience in two English schools, the International School of Gothenburg Region (ISGR) and the English School Gothenburg.

After graduating, Mr. Lukacs engaged in various e-learning projects, including the KidZ project of the VPH and the PH Vienna. Furthermore, Mr. Lukacs enrolled at in an M.A. program at the FernUni Hagen called eEducation: Education and Media, and started his studies in the winter term 2014/15.